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August 2010

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MARIA'S JOURNEY first "road trip" presentation Asheville,NC

Our very first presentation of MARIA'S JOURNEY was in Ashville,NC.   Our dear friend, LOTTE MEYERSON, and her husband, SEYMOUR, had arranged for Ray and I to do a number of talks while other friends, George and Barb Groome, graciously opened their home to us for our stay.

And what a stay it was!  Lotte,who was noted for her great energy in fairness and equality causes when we knew and worked together in Northwest Indiana, had not slowed down one bit in retirement!  On the drive to Ashville, we were interviewed by phone for a Spanish newspaper, LA NOTICIA.                

After having a little car trouble (a test of our endurance), we contacted Lotte and began the marathon "tour" she had planned for us.  It ranged from a presentation at the Meyerson's beautiful retirement village where much of the audience identified with Maria's immigration experiences and shared them with us, to a class in diversity at Ashville's North Carolina University where the students were very receptive and one told us we had inspired her to spend the summer with her grandmother and learn about her "roots."  Then on to Firestone Cafe and Books, followed by the Lyric Opera that night which gave a wonderful performance.

Not over yet, though!  Sunday we were at La Capilla de Santa Maria Church where, after Mass, we shared our book in Spanish to a marvelous group who fed us delicous food.  One of the most moving parts was when a young mother told us she had been advised not to expect her children to achieve too much for it took at least two generations for that to be accomplished.  The story of Ray and his siblings and their success as first generation Mexican immigrants gave her hope.

" If you could succeed way back then, I know my kids can now!"  Wonderful to hear...chose to ignore the age implication!

Both Lotte and Seymour deserve a book all to themselves.  Lotte's family left Germany during the rise of Hitler and began again in the Chicago area where Seymour's family had settled earlier.  She became an intrepid champion for her causes and Seymour, a world reknown scientist.   We and many others owe them for their conributions.  Thanks to you both, dear friends, Trisha and Ray


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