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August 2010

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Meet Dr. James B. Lane

Blog here.DR. JAMES B. LANE  Professor Emeritus of History, Indiana University, NW

We want you to meet Dr. Lane, known to those who know and love him as Jim or "Jimbo."  Jim is a super friend of 30+ years who was instrumental in encouraging us to submit MARIA'S JOURNEY for publication and held our hand throughout the process!  He wrote the introduction, as well as the blurbs at the beginning of the chapters that give the reader historical context. He also kept us on point throughout the preparation of MJ for publishing.

Jimbo is co-director of Calumet Regional Archives, edits Steel Shavings Magazine and is highly regarded in his role of historian, winning the Hoosier Historian Award. He has kindly agreed to present MARIA'S JOURNEY to groups within the Northwest Indiana Region when Ray and I are not available.  You can contact him at .

Thanks, Jim!!!  You are a VIP friend.....Ray and Trisha

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