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by Ramon Arredondo & Trisha (Hull) Arredondo

August 2010

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Ramon and I have participated in events at Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka, Florida for several years.  Sister Ann Kendrick (who just happens to be our daughter-in-law, Karen's, cousin), Sister Cathy Goram and Sister Gail Grimes have worked for forty years to better the lives of Central Florida's immigrant and working poor communities.

We have been blessed by awarding educational scholarships to worthy students helped by HOPE.  At this year's celebration of Sister Gail's retirement, we donated 34 copies of MARIA'S JOURNEY to be used in classes in citizenship, English language, GED, self-esteem, community leadership and many other areas including inter-generational community ties all offered at the center.  We trust that MARIA will be a role model demonstrating how one poor, Mexican woman, with support of her faith, family, friends and her belief in hard work and perserverence in the face of many obstacles, succeeded in giving a better life to her family.

Congratulations, Sister Gail, on your selfless work and devotion. Enjoy your've earned it.       To learn more, google: HOPE COMMUNITY CENTER, APOPKA, FLORIDA


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