Maria's Journey



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by Ramon Arredondo & Trisha (Hull) Arredondo

August 2010

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Maria’s mother, Rita, and Miguel’s mother, Camila, each had their own reasons to arrange the marriage between their children. 
  • What were their motives?   
  • Do you think they were justified?

When we first meet Maria, she is an innocent and submissive child.  As her life progresses, she evolves into a strong and resourceful woman. 

  • Give some examples of her growth as an individual. Miguel, Maria’s husband, is a complex character with a global view of the world.  His dream was to change the conditions of the working man. 
  • How did his philosophy clash with Maria’s dream of a better life for her children?

Rita’s life is changed by the betrayal of her sister. 

  • What was your reaction when Rita welcomed her sister,Teresa, into her home when she immigrated to America?
  • Do you feel you would have responded in the same manner?

St. Jude, “Saint of causes despaired of,” played a pivotal role in the story. 

  • Do you feel it was the prayers and strong spiritual faith of the family or the continual reminder from Maria that “this country offers you the opportunity for success, but you must work to earn it” that played the greater part in the rise of the family from poverty to prominence?

Miguel said that “you never know what the seeds you plant will produce.” 

  • How was this demonstrated in the journey of the Arredondos?
  • Would you describe Miguel as a man who let his family suffer as he followed his dream, or as a tragic hero who set the stage for others to lead a better life?